About Us

About Us

This home page is intended for our overseas clients, investors in the Japanese market and potential logistics partners.

Asagami has an over-50-year history as one of the leading logistics companies in Japan. We at Asagami always employ the latest technologies and give the highest priorities to our clients, performance and uniqueness. As your logistics partner in Japan, we are offering effective solutions to allow you to concentrate on your business.

About Us

Our services

To date, Asagami has extended its areas of business to the following:

  • Warehousing service

    Warehousing service

    1. Deposition
    2. Customized service
    3. Consulting
  • Harbor service

    Harbor service

    1. Marine transportation
    2. Container handling
    3. Customs clearance
  • Transportation service

    Transportation service

    1. Land transportation
  • Third party logistics (3PL)

    Third party logistics (3PL)

    1. Optimized logistics network design
    2. Warehousing and transportation
  • Printing service

    Printing service

    1. Newspaper printing
    2. New Year’s card printing
    3. Wedding card printing
  • ir Cargo service

    Air Cargo service

    1. Air Cargo Forwarding
    2. Customs brokerage Arrangement
    3. Packaging and Crating

Our experience

Our major services based on our deep and extensive experience
in working with overseas alliance partners and clients are as follows:

  • ・Experienced management staff, licensing
  • ・Minimum capital requirements
  • ・Hiring staff and arrangement properties
  • ・Logistics technology
  • ・Information technology
  • ・Activity based costing/Activity based management
  • ・Review

Information technology

As information technology can reduce individual clients’ overall transportation costs
and increase their service levels in Japan,
Asagami considers it to be critical to international operations.
Our IT logistics management services include:

  • ・Transaction management
  • ・Inventory management
  • ・Consolidation
  • ・Continuous move management
  • ・Carrier management
  • ・Cargo/Carrier matching system
  • ・Data exchange with ERP/SCM software through global logistics network

For our potential logistics partners

Asagami manages and operates fully dedicated contract warehouses
and highly optimized logistics networks to help our clients improve inventory accuracy,
reduce inventory levels and become more cost effective in total logistics operation.
Since we own or lease warehouse facilities, our clients’ capital expenditures will be minimized.